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The double pay-off turntable is designed to pay off wire up to 2.33 m/s from low-carbon wire rod coils, whose wire diameter range ø5.5–22.0 mm and maximum coil weight of 2.5t. Total weight of machine 6.8t.

The double pay-off turntable acts as a device for drawing off the wire from the coil in a controlled manner. A gear motor turns the top rotating frame 180° forwards and backwards, in order to guarantee both pay-off turntables’ interchangeable working process. The rotating frame’s will be driven into the change position in about 30 sec. Each turntable is driven by a frequency controlled motor and can be stopped by two pneumatic brakes in an emergency stop situation. The two turntables are kept apart from each other by means of a divider. During operation, only the turntable behind the divider is ever in operation. The other turntable stands still and can be loaded. A drawing machine is required for providing the power necessary for drawing the wire. The turntable’s circumferential speed is determined by the drawing machine. The double pay-off turntable comprises a base and a rotating frame. The base is solid and permanently affixed to the foundation base. The rotating frame is affixed to the base by means of an internally bearing system. The take-up coiler are affixed to each turntable by means of 4 clamping pieces and 4 bolts.

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Exhibitor: WiTechs GmbH


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