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Innovative Extrusion Lines for Silicone-sheathed Cables and Wires

Based on decades of experience in developing and manufacturing of silicone extrusion lines the rubicon GmbH, Germany configures and delivers customized solutions for high efficiency single or multilayer silicone cable extrusion lines worldwide.

The rubicon GmbH can draw on long-term experience in manufacturing all kinds of extruders, pressure-less continuous vulcanization lines, cooling devices, caterpillars and accessories for choice and assembly of tailor-made extrusion lines for cable sheathing as well as for fabrication of profiles and hoses. That means, we produce almost everything by ourselves in our company.

The long expertise of the rubicon GmbH in silicone extrusion sets benchmarks in advanced technology and solutions for sheathing of wire and cables by peroxide and platinum cured silicone as well as special compounds such as ceramifying silicone types.

The core component of the lines is the Infrared Shock Zone for fast pre-curing of the silicone cable surface and the Infrared Vulcanization Tunnels in modular design for final vulcanization.

The most impressive features of the infrared tunnels are the fast and highly-efficient Insertion of vulcanization energy into the silicone sheathed layers with simultaneous reduction in energy consumption. The solution and principle of a high energy efficiency based on a special property, silicone compounds have: the penetration of infrared wave into silicone and conversion into vulcanization energy works much more faster compared to all other vulcanization methods.

For that reason all rubicon cable tunnels are equipped with infrared emitters of special radiator wave length. Further reductions of energy consumption are achieved by optimum design and arrangement of the emitters and high level thermal insulation of tunnels to ensure that the line operates efficiently and at the same time energy-saving.
All tunnels have a modular structure, enabling a flexible combination with other components in line with the required rate of production. Multiple throughput of the cable minimizes the space required for vulcanization.

The tunnels are available in the standard version to be opened electrically as well as in the version to be opened pneumatically. The pneumatic-opening version has the advantage that
the tunnel can be also opened in emergency – even in case of power failure.

A special highlight of the rubicon cable lines is the Infrared Shock Tunnel placed on inlet-side of the line. The shock tunnel is used for touch-less pre-vulcanization of the cable surface to prevent marks by supporting rollers while running of the cable through the downstream tunnels. This shock tunnel is equipped with short wave infrared emitters which can be adjusted to each other in passing width. Thus it is possible to adapt the distance of infrared radiators to the passing cable and to optimize the efficiency of the cable surface pre-vulcanization.

Tailor-made Silicone Cable Extrusion Lines from rubicon, Germany are a promise for your success.

Exhibitor: rubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH


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