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18 – 20 June 2019 – Moscow, Russia
The International Wire and Cable Trade Fair in Russia

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News & Innovations

News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Compounds for CPR (European Construction Products Regulation) corresponding building wires

Condor Compounds is offering a full range of insulation-, bedding and sheahting compounds for low volatage buiding wires, data cables and optical fire cables meeting the requirments of all classes of European Products Regulation entering into force from July 1st,…

Exhibitor: Condor Compounds GmbH

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Double up your armouring speed with Calmec’s brand-new CT2

The last tests have been completed and Calmec is ready to announce the launch of a new state-of-the-art CT2 dual strip armouring machine for circuit size building wire cables.The newly created high-production equipment will allow you to save money on…

Exhibitor: Calmec Precision Limited

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Easy cable measurement of customer-specific special geometries

The new version of VCPEasy includes the ability to measure customer-specific special geometries. The software also calculates other important characteristics, such as the volume and overconsumption of the material used. For cable manufacturers, these features are a big advantage when…

Exhibitor: iiM AG measurement + engineering

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Simple QA in cable production – The VCPEasy software combines simplicity and individuality

The primary goal of the cable measuring device VCPX5 and the suitable measuring software VCPEasy that goes with it is standard-compliant measurement of the geometries of insulating jackets and cable sheathing in just a few extremely straightforward steps. The diversity…

Exhibitor: iiM AG measurement + engineering

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Inline Pre-Treatment of P.C. Strandwire with Mechanical Descaling and Electro-Phosphating. Horizontal wire rod pay-off, the wire is subsequently driven in a combined infeeding, bending/breaking and straightening machine (BDM-2S / EG), the scale layer is broken and the wire is straightened…

Exhibitor: WiTechs GmbH

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The double pay-off turntable is designed to pay off wire up to 2.33 m/s from low-carbon wire rod coils, whose wire diameter range ø5.5–22.0 mm and maximum coil weight of 2.5t. Total weight of machine 6.8t.The double pay-off turntable acts…

Exhibitor: WiTechs GmbH

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First double-head sanding machine model SEZ-4-300 was gone into operation in a welding wire pre-treatment line with KOCH for an international major customer in Germany.WiTechs has improved this model with the 2-roll flyer system (2-RFS), which has been proven in…

Exhibitor: WiTechs GmbH

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Innovative Extrusion Lines for Silicone-sheathed Cables and Wires

Based on decades of experience in developing and manufacturing of silicone extrusion lines the rubicon GmbH, Germany configures and delivers customized solutions for high efficiency single or multilayer silicone cable extrusion lines worldwide.The rubicon GmbH can draw on long-term experience…

Exhibitor: rubicon Gummitechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH

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