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Boockmann Engineering GmbH, founded in 1982, is a German company specialized in machinery and consumables for wire surface treatment.

In 1991 the solvent-free HELILUB® technology for lubrication of round magnet was developed. In 2003 HELICORD® technology for surface treatment in general was launched. Today HELICORD® machines and cords are used in industrial production of solid and stranded wire, flux-cored welding wire and tubes made of various ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Around 2013 the first types of Welding Wire Finishing cords were introduced to the market, approaching surface finishing in a completely new way.

In 2015 Boockmann’s HELICORD® machines underwent a facelift that provided more operator friendliness and easier maintenance. In 2016 the well-established HELILUB® devices were redesigned for better operator friendliness and performance. Based on this redesign, the HELIFIL® family of machines was launched, closing the gap between large HELICORD® machines and small HELILUB®.

Products and services

Multiple 360° contact between wire and cleaning medium. Cleaning efficiency independent from operation time, no saw-tooth behavior as with static cleaning media. Cleaning energy per surface unit, independent of wire/strand speed.

Cleaning and coating applications possible. Cord moving in the opposite direction of the wire => cleaned wire leaves process zone contacting fresh, not polluted cleaning media. Suitable for dry wiping, or solvent-supported cleaning (optional pump required).

Small unit for applications where limited space is available, suitable for small wire diameters and friction forces less than 20 N.

Different models available for one- or two-step treatment suitable for diameters up to 18mm and friction forces up to 250N.

New HELILUB® model 2016:
Suitable for all VD factors. Applicable for the same wire spacing as former HELILUB® devices, less slippage, no formation of loops or tightening due to active yarn supply, easy yarn setup.

Boockmann Engineering GmbH
Eckartspfad 6
97708 Bad Bocklet, OT Steinach

Phone: +49 9708 70460
Internet: www.boockmann.com
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